I’m Amazing and So Are You!


I’m crazy excited about getting to work on my Amazing project!

I’ve been working on this in the back of my mind for a very long time. It took more than a little prodding to get me to move on it. There were a lot of reasons why…

I grew up a fat girl. When I started puberty the hormones kicked in and I plumped up like an Umpaloompa, (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the original one with Gene Wilder… anyway), and I changed from a happy little kid to a miserable pre-teen. Not so much later, I was a teenager and there were a lot of pretty tough times emotionally. It’s one of the worse stigmas that a girl in the social situations that arise in public schools can have.

Fortunately for me, I had a few things going for me and I survived being that girl. In addition to surviving, I learned a lot about feeling bad about oneself, and ways to rise above it. I developed social survival skills that I employ to this day to get through rough situations. I developed a tough hide. I also developed a soft heart and a deep sense of compassion for those who have self-esteem issues.

It’s because of those times that I want to be of help to others who struggle with low self-esteem and doubts about self-worth. I’ve worked for years to develop ways to help others to feel successful and happy with who they are. Putting those skills into a series of exercises that can help people to reach their goals and overcome the fear of starting something new is a dream project for me. I’m so very excited that I have begun the journey toward getting this project up and running. Here is the introduction video, followed by the first 6 exercises. There will be 15 in all and eventually an expansion to the project in the form of an ebook.

I hope that this program can eventually become the bridge to helping people transition from dreaming to taking action!

From Two Girls Getting Real,



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