I love my career!

This is the beautiful place that I am currently working! I’m so excited that I can take my work with me and not have to sit in an office or in the same place every day.


The flexibility to work from anywhere is one of the many reasons that we decided to create our business. We can have a Skype meeting from halfway across the continent, we can create ads for our products from a laptop in a resort suite, we can send an email to our team from any internet connection, or we can participate in a webinar from the comfort of the living room.

The ability to work from anywhere frees us to be with our families, to travel and explore the world, to seek out educational opportunities, and to build and maintain relationships as we grow our business. This freedom is a major part of what makes the laptop lifestyle so perfect for entrepreneurs like my partner and me. We each have different strengths and are in different places in our life stories, but this freedom makes it possible for us to work together successfully. We don’t have to meet every day at an office in a building somewhere that would be costing us additional money as well as tying us down. We don’t have to live near each other if that is not what makes us happy. We are each free to pursue our various responsibilities in a way that works for us!

Wheather you love to travel or change locations regularly, or you want to stay home with the kids, having the option to work when and where it’s the best time for you is something that can’t be overvalued. Creating a life for yourself that helps you to achieve happiness, is an amazing goal, and one that we all should consistently work toward. You shouldn’t have to be in a condition that makes you feel trapped or that you have no options. You should be able to use your talents to make your life a better place to be.

We encourage you to seek out and find the opportunities that are available to you that will help you to accomplish this goal. We want others to find the freedom that we have found for ourselves. We hope that each person reading this blog will be able to accomplish for themselves the positive changes that will lead to the realization of their dreams!

Please let us know if we can help!

From Two Girls Getting Real,



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