Travel Challenges

I absolutely LOVE to travel. But sometimes things can get a little challenging.

When I travel, I like to take my work with me. It’s crazy, I know. But I really love to create on the road. I come up with some of my best thoughts when I’m outside my everyday box. My mind seems to be free when I’m free to travel.

There are however complications that arise at times. One of those seems to be cell service lately. My smartphone just doesn’t seem to like some boundaries, and when I cross them the service reacts poorly.

So…. I have come up with a few ways around this issue! One of the services that I really like a lot is Skype. I have routine business meetings with my partner on this little app. and it works wonderfully. All you have to have is an internet connection and like magic, you are back in communication. Another trick that I use is Messenger. I accidentally called my best friend one night while traveling through Ireland. I was amazed at how well it worked! Now I use that app to keep in touch with the kids and my close friends whenever I’m out and about.

I make it a point to be sure that there is a wifi connection whenever I book places to stay whether it is a hotel in Alaska or an Air B&B in Florida. I’ve even included the cost of wifi time when budgeting cruises. Keeping in touch regularly with everyone from my mom to my customers has become so important to my business, that having regular wifi services is essential to my success.

This brings me to the current problem I’m facing. I work in Canada, a lot! My smartphone, however, does not! I am now working on ways to get around this little issue. I’ve resigned myself to traveling with my laptop and spending time in the hotel lobby in some of the remote places I work, where there is no access to wifi in my room. I’ve worked on getting some projects worked out in advance so that I can spend less time downloading content while traveling. I have outlined and streamlined in preparation for being remote, but I’m a little worried I may fall behind. Just a little….

Well, this is me setting myself up to succeed! I am committing right now to staying on top of this potential issue and keeping up with the posts and videos that I have begun. I work long crazy exhausting hours, but I am promising myself and you that I will continue to add content to this blog, Facebook, and YouTube while I am working in the wilds of the Yukon this summer. Here’s to the good fight!

From one of the

Two Girls Getting Real


(and see you soon!) 😉


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