You’re Amazing!


I’d like to introduce the first video and our amazing series. These videos are designed
around a program that we are developing that will help people to realize their dreams.
The idea to create this series came after a long struggle to find peace within me.
(Click here to check out Amazing #1)

I started out as a young child feeling full of hope and excited about what would
happen to me as I grew up. Eventually, through many trials of youth and a few hard times, I ended up having fairly low self-esteem. As a result, I didn’t feel that I was able to become the person that I had dreamed of becoming when I was a child. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that I was just ordinary. It’s not easy to be ordinary or to realize that you’re not going to be a superstar as a young person. It’s been a very long journey to becoming the person that I am today and during that journey, I learned that being ordinary was not bad.

In fact being ordinary was liberating! It was by being ordinary that I could relate to others on a special level. Other women are just like me and because of that, we can be sisters. In fact, other people, in general, were like me. I learned that because of
my sameness with others, I could relate to them and through that build my compassion for them. I find something like me in almost every person I meet and because of that, I can develop rapport and comradery with others. This ability has led me to understand that I AM AMAZING! In fact, each and every individual I meet has within them an “amazing” as well.

This program is designed to help people realize that they’re amazing, and by coming to that realization they can then be empowered to follow their dreams. Each of the Amazing videos has a call to action. If you choose to go through them, I hope that you complete the program and activities and that it will ultimately help you to build your “amazing” as well!

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Amazing #1

From Two Girls Getting Real,




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